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Draft projet-RA 2019

General informations

Project Reference: 11-EQPX-0017
Coordinating institution: CNRS Hauts-de-France
Project region: Hauts-de-France
Discipline: 1-Math Info
ANR support 2 000 000 euros, investment covering the period from September 2012 to December 2019.

Project FLUX: Fibres Optiques pour les Hauts Flux/Optical Fibers for High Flux

Equipex Flux has demonstrated new modes of information transmission in optics and THz communication opening the way to super information superhighways with speeds of Petabit/s per fiber or in TIFI speeds of 100Gbit/s in communications without son. Using the new concepts and technologies developed in communications, the project also focused on the fallout on security, medical and sensors.

This Equipex has made it possible to strengthen the Fibertech Lille plant and to strengthen ties with the IEMN micro and nanotechonology plant, constituting a base of scientific and technological skills unique in France, based on numerous academic and industrial collaborations. Several joint laboratories have been founded, in particular that with Prysmian, the world's leading producer of optical cables.

The Equipex Flux, coupled with the CEMPI Labex, is supported by the Hauts-de-France Region and the FEDER.


Some impressive results

100 Gbit/s speed transmissions are obtained in the THz range, as well as the first THz transmissions using photonics on Silicon, based on the technologies of our partner ST Microelectronics (published in IEEE MWCL, included in Nature Photonics News & Views, giving a strong industrial opening for this action, the first global demonstration of an endoscope including simultaneously the CARS, 2 photon and SHG modalities (in collaboration with the Fresnel Institute in Marseille), new types of topographic fibers, Bragg fibers, new routes synthesis of doped glasses, slightly multimode amplifiers, break in symmetry (published in Nat Phot) Many academic and industrial collaborations formalized by contract allow this power plant to be autonomous.



Equipex's perspectives relate to the development of 3D additive synthesis processes for glass, opening up new avenues for research and innovation for research and innovation or for industrial production in the field of photonics.


Identity card project

Project acronym

Fibres Optiques pour les Hauts Flux/Optical Fibers for High 

Action Equipex
Project region Hauts-de-France
Project start and end date

From 01/10/2012 to 31/12/2019

Subvention PIA 2 000 000 €
Hedging coordinato CNRS Hauts-de-France
Contact Marc DOUAY
Main publication
  • Silicon photonics targets terahertz region, Nature Photonics, G. Ducournau, Vol. 12, pages 574–575 (2018). (IF: 31)
  • Fibre multiwave-mixing combs reveal the broken symmetry of Fermi-Pasta-Ulam recurrence, Arnaud Mussot, Corentin Naveau, Matteo Conforti, Alexandre Kudlinski, Francois Copie, Pascal Szriftgiser, Stefano Trillo, Nature Photonics, 12, 303 5, 2018). (IF: 31)


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