The technological platform dedicated to the manufacture of innovative optical fibers

FiberTech Lille platform strategy


  1. Equipment at the forefront of world-leading technology and accessible to laboratories and companies.
  2. Skills : Our team is made up of professionals in optics and materials.
  3. Funding and support from many organizations and partners in joint projects.


  1. Participate in the national and international effort to achieve fibers, microstructured materials and nanostructured materials.
  2. Value Industrial contracts, academic collaborations, spin-off and start-up.
  3. Train by scientific trainings and the FTTH training platform.


  1. Develop passive and active fiber manufacturing concepts for linear and nonlinear optics.
  2. Strengthen partnerships with companies to support their projects and their position in the market.
  3. Transfer the technologies developed or be the initiative of the start-up boom.