The technological platform dedicated to the manufacture of innovative optical fibers

Optical fibers

FiberTech Lille fibers develops all kinds of fiber types and components: such as amplifying fibers and amplifiers, fibers and components for fiber lasers, medical, bio-photonic and microfluidic components as well as sensors for optical fiber.

  1. Infinitely monomode fiber.
  2. Fiber with strong birefringence.
  3. Broad fiber mode maintain polarization.
  4. and 5. Fiber with high numerical aperture.
  1. Fiber for the sensor.
  2. Fiber for non-linear endoscopy.
  3. and 4. Transport fiber.
  1. Fiber with high numerical aperture.
  2. Fiber for nonlinear endoscopy without distal optics (so-called output).
  3. Fiber for nonlinear endoscopy without a lens (or twisted fiber).
  1. Fiber air silica Yb (Ytterbium) double sheath.
  2. Pixelated Bragg Fiber maintain polarization.
  3. BIP fiber 2D heterostructured double sheath.
  1. Fiber with amplification X modes.
  2. Fiber with amplification Y modes.

Fiber for parametric amplifier, SuperContinuum bounded.

Flat mode, spatial formatting