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FiberTech Lille is always looking for new partners. It puts its expertise and know-how at the disposal of its employees and the service of companies. 

It wishes to share and acquire new knowledge and skills by offering partnership research services and by participating in the development of new concepts, improving the performance of a product and its manufacturing process. It welcomes project leaders in the context of technological validation, material support and scientific support in line with the platform's development strategy. The objectives of these collaborations are the realization of technology transfers and the founding of start-ups.


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FiberTech Lille has become a key French player in the field of specialty optical fibers in which the Photonics group of PhLAM laboratory is invested for almost 20 years under the dual supervision of the University of Lille and the CNRS.

Some concepts based on the use of new optical fibers are maturing and open up opportunities for innovative telecom product manufacturing for key fiber and component manufacturing for the production of light sources, next-generation fiber and sensors but also in the medical and biology and transmission systems with the IRCICA telecom platform.

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FiberTech Lille has received funding from Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), the Investissement d'avenir program Labex CEMPI (European Center for Mathematics, Physics and their Interactions), Equipex FLUX (optical fiber for high flows ) and the Hauts-de-France region. It is a member of I-ULNE (Lille Nord Europe University).

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