FiberTech Lille brings together, in one place, state-of-the-art skills and equipment dedicated to the manufacture of high purity glass preforms by Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition (MCVD), Outside Vapor Deposition (OVD) and Sol-Gel ( hydrolysis-condensation at low temperature). But also equipment specially developed for the realization of micro-structured PCF fibers (also known as hole fibers), associated with tools for characterization and modeling of fibers. These tools make this platform a unique site in France and world class.




Equipment dedicated to the manufacture of glasses of high purity :

3 complementary manufacturing methods

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An MCVD frame : internal gas phase deposit by the oxidation of halides.

MCVD frameMCVD frame


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An OVD frame : external vapor deposition by hydrolysis of halides.

OVD frame Vertical densification furnace


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A set of fume cupboards and ovens dedicated to manufacturing by Sol-Gel process.

 Sol-Gel manufacturing, horizontal densification furnaceSol-Gel densification furnace


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Examples of originality :
Dopage rare au sol en phase vapeur, contrôle précis de la porosité avant densification, dopage exotique (nanoparticules) …






Equipment dedicated to the production of optical fibers :

3 additional draws in the "white" room

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Capillary stretching and assembly tower (8m)

Capillary preformsBottom of the pipe drawing tower Assembly of capillaries

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Uniform and topographic fiberization tower (12m)

12 meter fiberizing tower 8 meter silica capillary stretching tower4 meter fiberizing tower

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Draw tower and development fiberization (4m)

4 meter stretching tower4 meter stretching towerPulling coil TB295

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Examples of originality :
"Topographic" fibers (controlled longitudinal variations), random multicore fibers, millimeter fibers, 1000-hole fibers, laser insolation during fiber drawing and coating for severe conditions...


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Bragg Networks equipment :

Equipment dedicated to Bragg Networks
Registration Phase Mask of Bragg Networks

  • Registration phase mask of Bragg networks.


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Post-processing equipment :

Optical welding stationStandard fiber polisher PCF, PM and Endcap

  • A fleet of arc and filament welders.
  • A LZM100 CO2 laser welder (splice, type, combiner, endcap).


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Characterization equipment :


  • Fiber Index (IFA) Profile Analyzers and Preforms. 
  • SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) and an X-ray diffractometer.
  • A light scattering measurement system on preform and optical fiber