About us

The plateform

FiberTech Lille is a technological platform dedicated to the manufacture of innovative optical fibers.  

It comes from the Photonics team of the PhLAM laboratory under the dual supervision of the University of Lille and the CNRS. Since 2007, it is mainly located in the IRCICA building of the European Science Park of Haute-Borne.

It is a world-class tool that concentrates many original equipment manufacturing, characterization and modeling of optical fibers that make it a unique site in France and around the world. It studies the light-guiding properties of new optical fibers to produce innovative fiber components.


Logo FiberTech Lille
Photo of the IRCICA building
12 meter fiberizing tower
Pleine largeur

The team

The FiberTech Lille team is composed of research professors, engineers, technicians, doctoral students and students specialized in syntheses of materials (glasses, polymers ..) or in linear and non-linear photonics.

Photo of the FiberTech Lille team